2022 Campaign

Some of our proposed ads for the election of 2022 will be based on our original, never-broadcast spots, designed to undermine Republican ideology as oversimplified and flawed. We will test these ads on focus groups of center Republicans to prove our concept, and may reshoot them. 


We’ll also test a new ad campaign for the coming mid-term election. “Maybe you’re not a Republican after all” takes a fresh approach, intercutting short, contrasting sound bites from interviews with center Democrat and Republican voters.


In two ads, we’ll see short clips showing their answers to this question:


Should the government help those who are struggling? Feelings about this simple question are perhaps the most fundamental driver of which party voters identify with. This ad will position Republicans about caring mostly for themselves and their own interests, and show Democratic voters as caring more about their community, our country and the earth. This ad will change minds; see the tag below.


Another ad will ask voters, Do we need the government in our lives? Most Republicans will say no, while Democrats interviewed will give short sound bites about the coordinated Federal response to vaccinating people, the Covid relief bills, Medicare, and Social Security.  One Democratic voter will also say it’s clear we need to regulate Wall Street and the banks to prevent another financial collapse. Issues will be decided by the strategist we work with, but the overall message will be to discredit the Republican idea that we don’t need Big Government, and make them understand its value. 

The tag line at end of each spot: “Maybe you’re not a Republican after all. Join the Democrats, for smarter, better government. Vote Democrat.”  Variations on this will be tested prior to production. Ads will be run in battleground states.


Our ads will also explore Blue and Red voters’ contrasting feelings about the environment, wearing masks, gun control, a woman’s right to choose, and regulating Wall Street.


Ads will be run only in battleground states, and will be effective at making center Republicans question their fundamental ideological thinking and identification with the Republican party. 


To move forward, we need one or more major Democratic donors to provide funding.




Congress Majority PAC’s mission is to keep Democrats in control of the House and Senate and re-elect Joe Biden as President.


Our ads praise Democrats’ actions as a group on the big issues and attack Republicans on the same issues. We believe the public is tired of the same old candidate-centered ads they are bombarded with every election.


In states with close Senate races, Congress Majority will run our ads statewide. We’ll also run ads locally to help Democrats in tight House races, but we mention no candidate by name. Our ads can be run in every state.


Our business plan calls for hiring or partnering with a top Democratic strategist, bringing on board a seasoned fundraiser, and retaining a top Democratic strategist like 270 Strategies in https://congressmajority.org/2022-campaign/Washington DC to test our scripts with focus groups before we film them. We’ll use a strong political ad agency to produce our spots, and our strategist will oversee our media buy.


Congress Majority PAC is now seeking funding and a top Democratic fundraiser and strategist to partner with. 


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