For the 2024 election, improved messaging is what Democrats need most.

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Below are our current ads., our political strategist / ad agency will shorten and reimagine the ads below. Longer videos may be posted in social media, and short versions for broadcast will be created. 

Our ads will air in swing races and States starting in September. Each ad will address one issue only, and attack Republicans on their position. Ads will be reasonable in tone, centrist and not strident; our target audience is swing voters.

Every spot will end with the title, Vote Democrat. 

We’ll be nimble: during a heat wave, we’ll run our powerful global warming ads. 

In the days following a school shooting, we’ll run our moving gun control ads.

Our ads about inflation, the economy, immigration, and Roe v. Wade do not need an event. 

The ads below are intended for broadcast, funds permitting, but will also be sent on Twitter, Facebook, and other platforms, and by text to our sign-up list. We plan major ad buys in swing districts and toss-up States, and significant funding for digital ads in social media and text messages.

Our persuasion ads below will win votes for Democrats. All will be tested with focus groups before they run.

Attack ads help candidates win elections. By now there is little doubt about their effectiveness. Attacking Republicans as a group will work well, and our ads will help all Democratic candidates in tight races, our target media markets. 

It’s my opinion that the Democrats’ past reluctance to attack Republicans as a group has made them look weak, while the repeated attacks on Democrats by Republican politicians and pundits has made them appear strong. It’s time to fight fire with fire. I was pleased to see Biden finally lean into this in his State of the Union address on March 7, 2024.

The tone of Congress Majority’s attack ads is reasonable and never strident. I’m convinced that because of that, the ads I’ve written below will appeal to undecided and moderate voters in both Parties.

Non-voters number in the tens of millions, many of them cynical and disillusioned with politicians. But if they did vote, one study says most would vote Democrat. To reach non-voters, some of our ads might conclude, “Vote Democrat — and this time, vote.” If enough non-voters can be motivated to turn out, it will help Democrats win the election. 

It’s clear that we are not going to be unified and sing kumbaya with Republicans in the short term. In the past, Biden looked weak when he called for unity. His agenda did not pass, even with his conciliatory approach, and it was a victory for Republicans. 

That’s why it’s time to use attack ads. We need to win in November, and we can. Trump blasted Democrats at every turn, and many Republican politicians followed his lead. His base listened, were motivated, and rallied. If Democratic leaders will not attack Republicans, Congress Majority PAC will do so. Our ads below will appeal to moderates of both parties. They will persuade, and win votes.

Since the Obama administration, a dominant Republican strategy has been to unite in order to stop Democrats from passing any legislation. That’s a key part of their strategy to take Congress back, and it’s working for them. Some of our ads call attention to the gridlock they’ve caused, that it’s bad for the nation, and it’s time to vote them out. We point out that Democrats are willing to compromise.

But working together with Republicans is a pipe-dream, and that approach will not get legislation passed or Democratic candidates elected.

We can win over undecided voters and motivate millions of disillusioned non-voters to vote, but only if strong, direct messaging is used. Reasonable attack ads like the ones I have written below light the way.

Other PACs and strategists reading this should note that all are copyrighted 2020 – 2024 by Congress Majority PAC. Our ad concepts may not be copied, but know that we would welcome your support. 

Democratic voters will rally behind our ads, and so will millions of swing voters and disillusioned non-voters. Many who see ours ads will turn out and vote Democrat.

Congress Majority PAC will help Democrats win this November. 


© 2020 – 2024 Congress Majority PAC


Summary: Both Republicans and Democrats share the blame, but Democrats create smarter policy and will solve the problem. For a few moments during this ad, titles showing the Debt increases under each US President  scroll up onscreen, with Presidents’ names in blue or red. 


Here are the facts. Inflation is caused by deficit spending and strong demand for goods. You might not know that among the ten Presidents who increased our national debt the most, five were Republican and five were Democrat. Trump increased our national debt by 33%, and Biden increased it by 9%.

The truth is, both Republicans and Democrats share responsibility for inflation. The question is, who’s more likely to fix the problem? Under Biden, inflation has slowed. Democrats do have a long track record of developing successful, fine-tuned policies. The sweeping, shoot-from-the-hip policies of ideology-steeped Republicans is risky and dangerous. 

In contrast, Democrats understand that complex problems like inflation require complex, carefully crafted solutions. Democrats know we need less ideology and more pragmatism from our leaders in Congress. 

For smarter, better government, vote Democrat. Our economy and our future depend on it.

Fade up title card: Vote Democrat.


This ad will include video clips of Trump being welcomed by Republican lawmakers in Congress, and clips of Liz Cheny and Mitch McConnell speaking out against the former President. Clips will be pulled using our news clip subscription of video coverage of Trump’s first return to Capitol Hill since January 6th on June 13, 2024. We’ll also include clips of Mitch McConnel and Liz Cheny speaking the quotes below.


[VO:] Many Republican lawmakers in Congress are not telling voters how they really feel about Donald Trump. In private many agree he lied about winning the election, and that he did not incite the January 6th insurrection. 

[INSERT CLIP] Mitch McConnell speaking to Congress: “Mr. Trump is responsible for January 6th.” Also INSERT CLIP of Liz Cheny speaking during the January 6th hearings.

[V.O. CONTINUES OVER CLIPS BELOW] When Republican leaders started publicly parroting Trump’s lie, they became liars themselves — and threw away their principals and honor.

OVERLAY CLIPS: Quick cuts of Republican lawmakers repeating Trump’s lie that the election was stolen.

[VO:] Trump threatened to destroy the political careers of those who failed to support him. Instead of telling voters what they really think of Trump, nearly all of them bent the knee and enabled him, and dishonored themselves forever. History will see them as cowards who threw away their integrity. Very few have stood up and told voters what they really think of Trump.

INSERT CLIP, Liz Cheny: “History will remember the shame of leaders like Leader McConnel who enabled Trump.”

[VO:] Republicans in Congress have dishonored themselves by lying to voters to stay in power. America cannot afford to have liars, cowards, and dishonest leaders in Congress. Even if you’re a Republican, vote Democrat in this election.

Fade up title card: Vote Democrat.


Summary: Democrats are smarter managers of the economy, based on the nation’s prosperity under Clinton, Obama, and Biden.


If you think our economy would do better under Donald Trump and Republicans, take a look at the track record of the two Parties. In the 1990’s under Democrat Bill Clinton, there was a major economic boom. But following Clinton, the anti-regulatory ideology of George Bush and the Republicans led us directly into the sub-prime mortgage collapse of 2008. Democrats had long argued that Wall Street and the banks needed regulation and oversight. They were right and Republicans were wrong.

By the time Obama was sworn in, our nation was on the brink of economic collapse — but with his new Democratic majority, Obama was quickly able to pass innovative, well-crafted policy that successfully ended the crisis.

By the time Trump took office, the stock market was setting new highs, and Trump would coast on the prosperity created by Obama’s policies. Trump’s tax cuts for the wealthy and big corporations led to a trillion dollar loss of revenue, and he increased our national debt by 33%. Trump was a major force in setting the stage for inflation.

Under President Biden, the market has soared to historic highs, and alone among nations, the US has record job growth, a booming economy, and inflation is now under control.

The truth is, Democrats are better managers of the economy than Republicans. They’ll keep America prosperous and strong, and govern with pragmatic, carefully developed policy and not oversimplistic Republican ideology. They’ll give us less ideology, and more case-by-case, pragmatic solutions.

Don’t be fooled by Donald Trump and his cowardly Republican Yes-men in Congress, who smile and don’t say what they really think. They cave in to Trump’s threats to destroy their careers if they do not vote his way.

For a strong economy, and to save our Democracy, choose brains over swagger. Vote Democrat this November — and vote.

Fade up title card: Vote Democrat. 


In his October 2, 2022 My Take for CNN, Fareed Zakaria pointed out that Biden must fix immigration, or the US may one day veer to the extreme Right. He points out that Sweden and Italy both accepted waves of immigrants from Syria and other nations, and their liberal immigration policies caused the collapse of voter support for the Center Left. That helped to elect far-right leaders in both nations, one with a connection to Fascism. Zacaria concludes, “It all centers on an issue that the Biden administration would do well to take seriously: immigration.”

Democrats should remember that this issue helped fuel the rise of Donald Trump. Now it makes sense for Democrats to capitalize on their pivot to stronger immigration policy, as evidenced in the bipartisan bill passed by the Senate in February, 2024. After House Republicans killed the bill, Democrats have an opportunity to attack Republicans for not fixing immigration, and for purely political reasons. Our ad does this. 


We see various video clips of Congress, exterior and interior. We see newspaper or Yahoo News headlines like, “Senate Passes Strong Immigration Bill” (I think in February 2024) and “House Republicans Kill Immigration Bill.”  “Strongest immigration bill in decades”, “Trump urges House to vote no.”  Intercut as space permits, we see footage of the immigration crisis: long lines of immigrants in a caravan, families crossing the Rio Grand river with children, crowds massed against the border wall, and close ups of desperate faces seeking to enter the US. 

In February the Senate passed the strongest immigration bill in decades. Even though the bill contained much of what Republicans have long wanted, they were afraid the bipartisan bill would show Democrats as strong on immigration. So House Republicans killed the bill, and let the crisis at the border continue. 

If Democrats win in November, they’ll pass the immigration reform bill House Republicans agreed on and then killed. Democrats urgently want to fix the border crisis. 

Consider the big picture: With a Democratic majority in both Houses of Congress, Washington will start working again. But with a divided government, Republicans will keep causing gridlock for political gain, and bills like immigration reform that America urgently needs will not get passed. 

Our nation can’t afford that. Vote Democrat.

Title card:

Vote Democrat


We see various images of Congress, exterior and interior. We see the immigration crisis, including footage of bewildered immigrants bussed to New York, and the desperate faces of those seeking to enter the US. We see news footage of long lines of immigrants on foot, and crossing the river. Our ad agency will get this right.

Democrats want to fix immigration. But Republicans know if the crisis at the border continues, it will help them win in November. Democrats were willing to compromise and meet Republicans more than halfway. But House Republicans wanted all their demands met, and killed the bi-partisan bill passed by the Senate in February — even though it had many provisions Republicans long fought for. 

Before the vote, Donald Trump called Republican members and threatened to destroy their careers if they voted for the bill. A popular host from a conservative TV network threatened the bill’s Republican co-sponsor with strong negative coverage, and he later delivered on that.

Almost all of the Republicans in Congress caved in to Trump’s wishes, even though many privately disliked Trump. They feared for their careers and showed no spine. 

If Democrats gain the majority in Congress, they will fix the immigration crisis. During Biden’s term, they passed landmark bills for infrastructure, gun control, support for veterans, climate change, renewable energy, and semiconductor manufacturing in the USA. Millions of jobs were created.

Before Biden, Democrats passed the Affordable Care Act, and have a solid history of delivering a strong economy — under Bill Clinton, Obama, and Biden. Democrats have a great track record. They will deliver.  

With a Democratic majority in both Houses of Congress, Washington will start working again. But if Republicans win a majority in either house, the gridlock will continue.

It’s time to vote Republicans out. In this election, vote Democrat — and this time, vote.

Title card:
Vote Democrat


Visual: we see various images of Congress and the immigration crisis, and footage that illustrates the narrator’s words. We might see the host on and off during the ad; our ad agency will create the ad. It could be shortened for broadcast, while longer versions will play well in social media. We will rely on our ad agency to deliver the message which follows.

Let’s be frank. Republicans killed a bipartisan immigration bill with provisions they wanted, simply because it would have been a win for Biden and the Democrats. They chose to let the border crisis continue, knowing many voters will blame Democrats for the crisis. It was a ruthless strategy.

Before the vote, Donald Trump called members threatening to destroy the career of any Republican who voted for the bill. 

Republicans should have done what’s best for the country. It’s time to vote them out. Democrats will put our country ahead of self-interest, and get our government working again.

A vote for Republicans is a vote for more gridlock. They’ve put their political careers ahead of fixing our nation’s problems. Instead, they let existing problems like immigration continue, simply to gain political advantage. How stupid do they think Americans are? They are hurting our nation. It’s time to vote them out.

A vote for Republicans is a vote for more gridlock and dysfunction, and will help insure that our worst problems will go unchecked.

Your vote for Democrats will help get our government working again, and bring real solutions and change. So vote Democrat — and this time, vote.


Watch our first TV spot at the top of our 2018 ads page. It’s compelling and powerful, and will bring swing voters over to the Democratic side.


This series of ads could run shortly after the next major mass shooting; our strategist will weigh in on timing and the feasibility of this. 

School shootings are a major issue. In May, 2022, in Uvalde marked the nation’s 215th mass shooting that year. By July the number had passed 300. 

Gun-loving Trump followers are never going to vote Democrat, but they are not the target audience. We’re after moderates, non-voters, and the undecided, especially the young. I believe our two ads on gun control will motivate many of them to vote Democrat.

The first one gets personal. 


Ideally, this ad will edit together snippets of news clips from real interviews with victims of mass shootings, especially at schools. Parents who lost children in mass shootings may be reachable through organizations some of them started, or through Facebook groups. Some may be willing to appear in our ad, and email us quotes like the ones below; they could have a friend film them with their cell phone cams. We would have them sign releases, and instruct them on lighting and holding the camera as steady as possible, and we’d offer to be on the phone with them and interview them when they film.

FATHER: I lost my son in Uvalde.

MOTHER: My daughter was murdered in Highland Park.

CHILD: I lost my Dad.

CHILD: My Mom went to heaven.

CHILD: I lost three classmates in Sandy Hook

MOTHER: I lost my son in Columbine.

FATHER: Why can’t they do something?

We fade to black but the voices continue. Finally we hear a child.

CHILD: When is Mommy coming home?

In silence, these titles fade up in silence: 

TITLE: In July, 2022 Senate Republicans refused to raise the purchase age from 18 to 21 for semi-automatic weapons. 

Fade up in silence:

TITLE: They also refused to ban the sale of assault weapons.

Fade up in silence:

TITLE: Vote Democrat.

Below is our gun control ad using only photos and news clips and voiceover. It’s a standalone ad, but could also be combined with the one above. Our strategist will weigh in.

We see Republican Ted Cruz speaking in Congress, clips from news footage of mass shootings in schools, and finally, the faces of the children who died.

VO: After blocking gun control for years, Republicans finally agreed to pass a gun control law in June, following the mass shooting of 17 children in Uvalde. But Republicans still refuse to raise the gun purchase age to 21 or ban the sale of assault rifles. Democrats will get it done with a 60-vote majority in the Senate, and a majority in the House. Your vote matters. In November, vote Democrat — and this time, vote.

Fade up title:

Vote Democrat. 


These ads should run in states with toss-up races during or immediately after a heat wave or superstorm / tornado / flood. We will use clips of storms and very short clips from interviews with real people immediately after their homes were damaged or destroyed, some with their families beside them.

We will try to use real news footage of interviews with family members who lost children in mass shootings. We will use quotes similar to the ones in the draft which follows.

If news clips don’t work, there may be Facebook group of parents who lost children at mass shootings in schools, and who may agree to film a comment, and email it to us, along with their signed release.

Our ad agency will likely be subscribed to the vast database of TV news video clips drawn on by TV reporters, and search for real people saying things like the following:

Ad 1 – Global Warming


I lost two of my kids in the flood.

I lost my husband. He’s never coming back.

It’s like I lost my whole life.

We never had storms like this before — not that I can remember. 

This was the hottest summer I can remember.

Worst drought in our State history.

Something’s wrong.

We have to do something. Do something!

VO – Narrator during images of  global warming:

In 2009, the Democratic House passed a landmark bill to combat global warming. In the Senate, not one Republican voted for it, and the bill died.

Fade to black; fade up two titles in silence, insuccession:

In 2023, the earth had its hottest year in 100,000 years.

Vote Democrat.

Ad 2 – Global Warming

This ad uses only voiceover and images, and highlights the gap between the Parties on this issue.

We see a montage of smokestacks spewing toxic smoke, dried-up reservoirs, torrential downpours, floods, and other images of climate change.

In 2023, the earth had its hottest year in 100,000 years. In 2009, the Democratic House passed a landmark bill to stop global warming, and not one Republican in the Senate voted for it.

Democrats are longtime champions of laws to fight climate change.

Vote Democrat — and this time, vote.


Our strategist and ad agency will develop these ads, or change them. Ad 1 has a teenage girl telling a personal story, and Ad 2 uses voiceover while the narrator speaks.

Ad 1 – Roe

We see a white teenage girl talking directly into the camera, living in poverty. She’s alone in a room in provisional housing, and we see a baby sleeping on the bed behind her. She looks depressed and angry, at times on the verge of tears.

Girl: I got pregnant and my boyfriend left. I tried to go out of state to end my pregnancy, but I couldn’t get the money. Someone said I should have him, and after he was born, I couldn’t bear to give him up. Now I’m alone, taking government money. My dreams of college seem like a distant memory. I work at a job I hate. 

She turns away to tend to her baby and sings softly to him.

Fade to black as her singing continues, but she starts to sob quietly.

Titles come up one by one, and the sound of her sobbing fades out:

With enough Democrats in Congress, Roe can be made the law of the land.

Fade up title:

Vote Democrat.

Ad 2 – Roe

We see a teenage girl in poverty, holding her baby and singing softly to her child.

VO (female): No one likes abortion, but forced motherhood is worse. In many states a woman’s right to choose is gone, thanks to Conservatives. How many teenage girls, emotionally unable to give up their babies for adoption, will drop out of school and spend years on welfare, living in poverty?

With 60 seats in the Senate and a majority in the House, Democrats will make a woman’s right to choose the law of the land. Vote Democrat — and this time, vote.


This ad and the next one appeal to the deep love of Democracy and freedom shared by all Americans, especially Republicans. Ideally, run this ad when January 6th is in the news, or if Trump is prosecuted by the Justice Department. We’ll rely on our strategist to rewrite this ad, if needed:

VO: Was the last election stolen? No. The true election steal is by Republican legislators, who have been gerrymandering districts and passing flagrant voter suppression laws to help Republicans steal elections.

In Congress, it’s no surprise that Republicans refused to pass the Democrats’ election reform bill.

Like Donald Trump, they will do anything to win and stay in power.

You can save our Democracy and stop the real steal. Vote Democrat in November — and this time, vote.

Fade up title:

Vote Democrat. 


Our next ad also appeals to Americans’ love of Democracy and freedom. Republicans have used Democracy in their stump speeches, and it’s time for Democrats to do the same, and run ads like the ones below. See the links to news articles below.

We see video clips of Republicans speaking against certifying the election, and perhaps footage from January 6th. Our strategist and ad agency will know best. Before the end, we come back to our host, who closes the spot:

VO: Your vote for Republicans is a vote for authoritarianism, and to destroy Democracy. 139 House Republicans voted against certifying Biden as President when they knew Trump had lost. They failed to overturn the election, but next time if Republicans have the majority, they may succeed. Let’s make sure that never happens. Save our Democracy and vote Democrat in November — and this time, vote.

Fade up title:

Vote Democrat.

For background on why the above ads 5 and 6 could be effective, see this news article asking why Democrats aren’t running on Democracy.


This ad campaign takes the fresh approach of intercutting short, contrasting answers from random man-on-the-street interviews of average Democrat voters, and average Republicans, all of varying income levels.

Random voters will be asked questions like:

Should the government help people who are struggling?

Do we need the government in our lives? 

Do we need government regulation?

The tag-line as drafted now for each of the spots in this series is, “Maybe you’re not a Republican after all. Join the Democrats for smarter, better government. Vote Democrat — and this time, vote.”

During editing, we can try deleting the “Maybe you’re not a Republican after all” sentence, to see if it plays better.

If real people are used, they will sign releases before being interviewed, and told that we are filming a political commercial for the internet or broadcast, depending on how much we raise. We should disclose we are a progressive organization. 

Using actors would provide more control, and might make filming faster and easier. Each approach has its pros and cons. The ad below includes examples of actors, who may be less authentic. We’ll rely on our ad agency.

In this series of ads, we’ll see short clips, intercutting voters’ contrasting answers to these questions.


Feelings about this question are perhaps the most fundamental driver of which Party voters identify with. This ad will suggest that many Republicans care mostly for themselves and their own interests; some will appear affluent and smug about their success, while others could be poorly educated Trumpers. A man driving a Cadillac SUV will say we don’t need to help others.

Democratic voters answering this question will be average citizens — ordinary, people who clearly care about their community, our country, and the planet, and don’t mind giving up a little bit to help those less fortunate.

This ad will change minds; our ad agency will weigh in and develop this concept. We are not writing a script for this ad, only this outline. What’s needed is a top ad agency and director, whether we conduct man-on-the-street interviews or use paid actors.

Do we need the government in our lives?

The goal of the next ad is to undermine a fundamental belief among millions of Republicans that we don’t need the government in our lives.

Republican: “We don’t need the government.”

Elderly woman No 1: “Well, I need my Medicare.”

Republican No. 2: “The government is too big.”

Elderly man No. 1: “Hey, my Social Security check is how I live.”

Woman: “The help I get with daycare lets me go to work every day.”

Hurricane victim: “They really helped me after that last hurricane.”

Man in 40’s: “I got laid off during Covid, but Uncle Sam helped me put food on the table for my family.”

Woman in 50’s: “I got my Covid vaccinations free.”

Man in 60’s: “They sent us free test kits.”

Man in wealthy home: “I’m tired of paying for others.” 

Woman in wealthy home: “I’ve worked hard to achieve this. It’s not my problem.”

Sweet elderly woman: “I’ve never minded paying a little extra for those less fortunate than me.”

Elderly man No 1: “Of course, we need the government!”

Elderly man No.2: “Without our government, this country would be a much bigger mess than it is.”

Affluent man in front of his new car and his mansion: “Don’t tax me and don’t tread on me.”

Elderly man No. 1: “We’re in this together.”

VO / Host: Maybe you’re not a Republican after all. Join the Democrats — and this time, vote.


The goal of this ad is to undermine a fundamental belief among millions of Republicans that we don’t need government regulation.

We see quick cuts taken from man-on-the-street interviews, with answers like these:

Man: “We need more regulation of Wall Street and the banks to prevent another financial collapse, like the one under George Bush in 2008.”

(NOTE: Preventing financial collapse appeals to many Republicans.)

Republican man: “Nah, we don’t need government regulation.”

Woman No. 1: “The food industry and Big Pharma need regulation.”

Man No. 2: “The vaping industry got my kid hooked. You shoulda seen the ads. Those companies need regulation.”

Woman No. 2: “The marijuana industry needs regulation — like don’t put a billboard near my kid’s school.”

Man No. 1: “Of course we need regulation, to protect people.”

VO / Host: Maybe you’re not a Republican after all. Join the Democrats for smarter government. Vote Democrat — and this time, vote.

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