Congress Majority is a SuperPAC that persuades undecided voters, moderate Republicans, and disillusioned non-voters to turn out and vote Democrat. The moment to change minds is now. 


Congress Majority PAC wins votes for Democrats by attacking Republicans on the issues most important to voters — the economy, climate change, abortion, gun control, ideology, and more. Our powerful TV spots mention no candidate by name, and make a powerful case that Democrats provide smarter, better government. Our ads are not extremist and will appeal to moderate voters of both Parties. See our 2022 Campaign page for a sampling of ads now in script form that we wish to produce and test for 2024. For 2022, we’re planning a digital media ad campaign in seven toss-up races in the weeks leading up to the election. We have a top political strategist and digital ad agency ready to go to work. In 2023 we’ll bring add in a seasoned fundraiser, pollster, and ad creator.  To learn more, contact us.