Congress Majority is a SuperPAC that persuades undecided voters, moderate Republicans, and disillusioned non-voters to turn out and vote Democrat. The moment to change minds is now. 


Congress Majority PAC will win votes for Democrats in 2024 by attacking Republicans on the issues most important to voters — the economy, climate change, abortion, gun control, saving our Democracy, and more. Our TV spots and ads in digital media mention no candidate by name, and make a powerful case that Democrats provide smarter, better government.

One ad reminds voters that Democrats have a solid track record on the economy: the country had a major economic boom under Bill Clinton, and the stock market reached new highs under Obama and the Democrats. We point out that Obama rebuilt our economy after inheriting a near-catastrophic collapse in 2008, which was caused by the oversimplistic, anti-regulatory ideology of Republicans and George Bush.

Our messaging is not extremist and will appeal to moderate voters of both Parties.
See our 2024 Ads in script form that we plan to produce, test, and place in key races. Upon raising the initial $250,000 in seed funding, we will retain a top Democratic fundraiser and political strategist.

We are ready to start building our warchest for 2024.  To learn more, contact us.