Congress Majority PAC persuades undecided voters and disillusioned non-voters to turn out and vote Democrat. We’re building a warchest for November now.

Congress Majority’s latest ads for 2024 will will win votes by attacking Republicans and championing Democrats on the issues voters care about most: big wins under Democrats on the economy and inflation, and a major shift in immigration policy. We’ll attack Republicans on climate change, abortion, gun control, for not working with Democrats, and on other issues as they emerge. Our ads on TV and in digital media will make a powerful case that Democrats provide smarter policy, and better government. 

Our ad about the economy says, “If you think Donald Trump and Republicans would be better for the economy, look at Democrats’ record. Under Bill Clinton in the 1990’s, there was a major economic boom. Next came the anti-regulatory ideology of George Bush and Republicans, which led directly to the sub-prime mortgage crisis of 2008. Obama was sworn in when our nation was on the brink of economic collapse, but his new Democratic majority soon passed innovative policy that ended the crisis. By the time Trump took office, the stock market had reached new highs, and Trump coasted on prosperity created by Democrats. Today, under President Biden, the stock market has broken all records, and unlike every other nation, the US now has record job growth, a booming economy, and inflation is under control. These undeniable facts prove that Democrats are far better stewards of the economy. Don’t be fooled by Donald Trump and his chorus of Republican Yes-men in Congress. For a strong economy and to save our Democracy, vote Democrat!”

Our messaging is not extremist and will appeal to moderate voters of both Parties. Our 2024 Ads  will be tested and then placed in key races. Upon raising the initial $300,000 in seed funding, we will retain a top Democratic fundraiser, a seasoned political strategist, and build our warchest from there.

We are looking for major donors now.  Together we will defeat Republicans in November. To learn more, contact us.


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