Congress Majority PAC persuades undecided voters and disillusioned non-voters to turn out and vote Democrat. Help build our warchest for November now.

Congress Majority’s Vote Democrat spots on TV and in digital media will win votes in November by attacking Republicans and championing Democrats on the issues voters care about most: big wins under Democrats on the economy and inflation, and we’ll attack Republicans for blocking the strongest bill to stop illegal immigration in years. Our ads will also attack Republicans on climate change, abortion, gun control, and for causing gridlock for political gain. We’ll make a powerful case that Democrats provide smarter policy and better government. Every ad will conclude with this headline, faded up in silence: Vote Democrat. 

Our messaging is not extremist and will appeal to moderate voters of both Parties. Our 2024 Ads will be tested and then placed in key races. We have a top Democratic fundraiser and a seasoned political strategist ready to go to work the same week we raise the first $500,000. That funding will enable us to solicit the public and build a warchest of millions for the November election.

Together we can defeat Republicans in November. To learn more, contact us.


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