“Tip O’Neill famously said, All politics is local. He was right then. Boy, is he wrong now. In the age of Trump, all politics is national.”

Chuck Todd’s opening words on Meet the Press, October 15, 2018

Our powerful ads make a strong case to swing voters that Democrats provide smarter, better government, and motivate Democrats to turn out and vote.


Congress Majority’s mission is to bring about a Democratic majority in both Houses of Congress.

We’re a new SuperPAC with a highly innovative approach: while other PACs support individual candidates and attack their opponents, we promote Democrats as a whole, and undermine Republican ideology as oversimplified and flawed. We’re Party-centric.

But nearly all political campaigns are candidate-centric, focused on local races, candidates’ personalities and opponents’ flaws. We believe the public is tired of the same old candidate-centered ads they are bombarded with every election season.

Congress Majority’s ads offer a completely fresh approach: we promote Democrats as a group, and attack Republicans as a group. We stick to important national issues and avoid local issues.

Our social media and broadcast campaign will launch October 8, 29 days before the mid-term election. Two of our unique TV spots have real power to motivate the base to turn out and vote. Four more make a strong case to swing voters that Democrats provide smarter, more pragmatic government, while Republican policy is based on an oversimplified ideology that’s dangerous to our nation.

Congress Majority PAC will focus our ad buys in cities and States with close Congressional races. All our spots are timed for TV advertising, but will also work well in social media. This PAC can make the critical difference on November 6 in bringing about a Democratic majority in both Houses. And after the mid-term election, we’ll devote ourselves to keeping it that way in 2020 and beyond.

As you watch Congress Majority’s four minute reel of ads, imagine how an undecided voter will react to them. If you decide they can change hearts and minds, make a generous contribution online, however large or small. You’ll be helping to get our ads viewed by more voters, right where it counts — in swing states and races.

The November 6 mid-term is the most important election in generations. Together we can turn Congress blue!