Our powerful ads can be run in any state, and will make a strong case to swing voters, moderates, and non-voters that Democrats provide smarter, better government.

CM PAC’s ads will win votes and rally the base by attacking Republicans on issues like the economy, global warming, Roe v. Wade, gun control, and saving our Democracy.  Visit our 2024 Ads page for a preview. But first, learn more about us below. Your gift will help Democrats win!


Congress Majority’s mission is to elect Democrats to Congress. While most PACs support individual candidates and issues, our powerful spots mention no Democratic candidate by name and attack Republicans as a group. One spot points out the differences between the parties on climate change; another is on gun control, another on Roe; and one spot touts the current strong economy. Another points out that Democrats’ policies have brought on prosperity Republican administrations have coasted on, and that their anti-regulatory ideology brought on the sub-prime mortgage crisis of 2008, until Obama and the Democrats fixed it and sent the market to new highs. All conclude that Democrats provide smarter, better government, and our tag line for every spot is, “Vote Democrat — and this time, vote.”

We believe the public is tired of the candidate-centered ads they are bombarded with every election season. Democrats can do better, and project strength. It’s clear that better messaging is what Democrats most need now.

Our ads praise Democrats’ actions on the issues voters most care about, and attack Republicans on the same issues: the economy, the deficit, global warming, immigration, gun control, Roe v. Wade, and tax cuts for big corporations and the wealthy.

Attack ads work, and it’s time for Democrats to fight back. Our 2022 Campaign page makes a powerful argument for this approach. It points out,

It’s clear that in the short term we are not going to be unified and sing kumbaya with Republicans. In the past, Biden looked weak when he called for unity, and then his agenda did not pass. It was a victory for Republicans.

That’s why it’s time to reconsider attack ads. We need to win in 2024.

The ads proposed by Congress Majority will appeal to moderates in both parties and win votes. Check out our 2024 Ads page.

In states with close Senate races, Congress Majority will run digital and broadcast ads statewide. We’ll also run ads at the local level to bolster Democrats in tight House races. Because we mention no candidate by name, our ads can be run in any State or Congressional race.

We can increase the Democratic majority in both houses of Congress. To win, we need stronger messaging, and your gift now will help Democrats win in 2024.

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