A new kind of SuperPAC

Los Angeles – October 11, 2018 – Congress Majority PAC, a SuperPAC launching today, is ignoring the conventional wisdom that all races are local. In a departure from conventional candidate-centered ads, their TV spots get behind all Democrats, mention no candidate by name, and aim to persuade swing voters that Democrats — as a group — provide smarter, better government.

Some of the spots undermine Republican ideology as oversimplified and flawed. Others point out that although there are more Democrats than Republicans, Republicans have been winning elections because more of them vote. They conclude urging viewers to “Vote Democrat — and this time, vote.”

Congress Majority was founded by a scion of one of America’s wealthiest families, Patrick Reynolds, a longtime anti-tobacco advocate. He says, “Over the years I watched most Republicans in Congress refuse to tax or regulate tobacco. Then under Obama, Democrats did both. I came to see that Democrats did not adhere to a rigid ideology, and offered superior policies on a wide array of issues. Their approach was more targeted and pragmatic, and I used that argument in our ads.

“If we can get Democrats in the majority, it would be one-stop shopping for better policy on health care, education, climate change, the economy — the list goes on. So my life’s mission has now changed to helping to bring about a Democratic majority in Congress.”

Most PACs are backed by powerful special interests with a vested interest in the outcome of a political campaign. “Not this PAC,” says Reynolds, who wrote and produced the spots. “So far, our funding has come entirely from people who want to do the right thing. They have nothing to gain from their contributions except better government. Most of our funding will come from people making small donations who want to see our ads reach a wider audience, in hopes of turning Congress blue again.”

Political strategists will likely fault Congress Majority’s first ads for showing too much ‘talking head’, and for being too great a departure from slicker, conventional political ads featuring location shoots and multiple camera angles. Reynolds responds:

“That’s exactly why our ads will stand out from the pack. People will realize right away these spots are something unusual, so they will get people’s attention. I fully support the ads by other Democratic PACs, but ours are a healthy addition to the mix. They are fresh and different, and will impact voters.”

Congress Majority will focus its ad buys in cities and states with close Congressional races. After the election, the SuperPAC will set its sights on the Presidential election of 2020, with its focus remaining on Congress.

Watch all six of the PAC’s unique TV spots at www.CongressMajority.org. Broadcast resolution files are available for download from the site.

Contact: Patrick Reynolds
Executive Director, Congress Majority PAC

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