Congress Majority PAC ads make strong case for Democrats in 2018 mid-term election and answer ads by Future45 PAC and Donald Trump for President PAC

Los Angeles — November 4, 2018 — There’s still time to make a difference in the election. As contributions come in, Congress Majority will immediately place advertising in social media, right up through the close of polls on election day. After that it’s on to the 2020 election.

Congress Majority PAC’s mission is to bring about and keep a Democratic majority in both Houses of Congress. They have a unique approach: while most PACs support individual candidates and attack their opponents, Congress Majority promotes Democrats as a whole, and attacks Republicans on the big issues. Its potent TV spots effectively undermine Republican ideology as oversimplified and flawed.

One new ad campaign planned for 2020 will intercut clips from interviews with Democrat and Republican voters, compare their attitudes on national issues, empowering the poor, and close by inviting Republicans to cross over to the Democratic side. The tag: “Which one are you? Join the Democrats, for smarter, better government. Vote Democrat.”

Additional ad campaigns will be developed by a new strategist who will be hired following the election, when the best strategists will again accept new clients. To build the team further, the PAC will also hire a top Democratic fundraiser and large social media advertising firm like 270 Strategies.

Most political campaigns are candidate-centric, focused on local races, candidates’ personalities and opponents’ flaws. “I believe the public is tired of the same old candidate-centered ads they are bombarded with every election season,” says Patrick Reynolds, the PAC’s founder and treasurer. “It’s time to promote all Democrats, attack Republicans as a group, and answer the ‘Vote Republican’ ads being pushed by Donald Trump’s PACs, including Future 45 PAC and Donald Trump for President PAC. Those PACs had the vision to utilize this concept for their side. I have been urging Democratic PACs to incorporate this concept since 2016, and in frustration I finally decided to start my own SuperPAC.”

Congress Majority PAC’s social media and broadcast ads, so far all written and produced by Mr. Reynolds, make a strong case to swing voters that Democrats provide smarter, more pragmatic government. They point out that Republican policy is based on an oversimplified ideology that’s dangerous to our nation. Most of our ads end with the tag, Vote Democrat, and this time, vote.

For the coming 2020 election, Congress Majority PAC will again focus its ad buys in cities and States with close Congressional races, with a goal of making a critical difference in bringing about or keeping a Democratic majority in both Houses.

“Following the mid-term election, the public is invited to join us as we devote ourselves to the election of 2020. As you watch Congress Majority’s four minute reel of ads, imagine how an undecided voter will react to them,” says Patrick Reynolds. “If you feel they will change hearts and minds, make a generous contribution to Congress Majority PAC, however large or small. You’ll be helping to get these powerful ads viewed by more voters in swing states and races, right up through election day and beyond. The November 6 mid-term is the most important election in generations. Together we can turn Congress blue!”

Contact: Patrick Reynolds
Executive Director, Congress Majority PAC
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