New TV spot: During the Coronavirus, Democratic voters and leaders put community ahead of self-interest.

May 4, 2020 — Los Angeles — Congress Majority is planning a series of new TV spots highlighting fundamental differences between Democratic and Republican voters, aimed at making conservative voters question their loyalty to Republican positions on helping the needy, the Coronavirus and more.

One tag line being considered for spots in this campaign is, “Are you a Republican [pause] or a Democrat? Our future depends on the choice you make in November.” If funding is secured for the new ad campaign, variations will be tested in focus groups.

One spot around the Covid-19 virus would intercut clips of “man-on-the-street” interviews with Republican and Democratic voters; differences in voter attitudes will be highlighted. Clips will position those on the Democratic side as being more concerned about others and their community, and those on the Republican side as putting self-interest ahead of other people. TV news clips of Republican and Democratic leaders may also be intercut.

The goal of Congress Majority’s ads is to get swing Republican voters to change sides. This proposed new ad campaign will make them question their identification with Republican policy, and to start seeing it as overly ideological, oversimplistic and not pragmatic; and to see it as irresponsible, selfish and contrary to the good of their community. For more information, visit

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