A rising Democratic PAC: Maybe you’re not a Republican after all.

Congress Majority PAC’s mission is to turn the Senate blue, keep Democrats in control of the House, and elect Joe Biden as President.


CM PAC is a SuperPAC with a highly innovative approach. Most PACs support individual candidates by name and attack their opponents in local or statewide races. But our powerful spots mention no candidate by name, and our tag line is simply, “Vote Democrat.”


Our ads praise Democrats’ actions as a group on the big issues and attack Republicans on the same issues. We believe the public is tired of the same old candidate-centered ads they are bombarded with every election.


In states with close Senate races, Congress Majority will run our ads statewide. We’ll also run ads locally to help Democrats in tight House races, but we mention no candidate by name. Our ads can be run in every state.


Our business plan calls for hiring or partnering with a top Democratic strategist, bringing on board a seasoned fundraiser, and retaining 270 Strategies in Washington DC to test our scripts with focus groups before we film them. We’ll use a strong political ad agency to produce our spots, and our strategist will oversee our media buy.


As in 2018, some of Congress Majority PAC’s spots for the election of 2020 will continue to undermine Republican ideology as oversimplified and flawed.  But if focus group testing proves our concept, we’ll produce new ads for 2020 that take an entirely fresh approach. The target will not be the Republican base, but Republicans who are undecided. 


Here’s what we have in mind. We remind the reader that these ads are copyrighted and are CM PAC’s proprietary intellectual property.


Our new ad campaign, “Maybe you’re not a Republican after all,” will intercut clips of man-on-the-street style interviews, some from their homes, contrasting average Democrat and Republican voters. This series of TV ads will highlight the differences in their attitudes on wealth inequality, the environment, gun control, a woman’s right to choose, regulating Wall Street, and more to be decided by the strategist we work with.


Another Republican voter interviewed will advocate against gun control, while the Democrat will want gun control laws passed. A Republican will say, “We don’t need government regulation!” while the Democrat will say, “We need to regulate Wall Street to prevent another financial collapse. Of course we need government regulation! Who else will look out for consumers?”


The core idea here is to make swing Republican voters question their own fundamental thinking and identification with the Republican party.


The tag will invite them to switch tribes: “Maybe you’re not a Republican after all. Join the Democrats, for smarter, better government. Vote Democrat.” Several tags will be tested prior to production.  


Congress Majority PAC is now seeking funding and to work with a top Democratic strategist.