With our messaging, Democrats can win big in 2024. Contact us to make a gift.

We will be a significant influencer in the 2024 election.

Congress Majority PAC is now focused on fundraising for the 2024 election. When we reach our required minimum of $300,000 in seed money to launch a fundraising campaign targeting small donors at the national level, we will reactivate our PAC with the FEC. At that time, we’ll replace this page with our donation page at ActBlue, which takes online donations for most Democratic candidates and PACs.

We are now in discussions with three top Washington DC firms specialized in political fundraising and campaign strategy. Our PAC legal counsel will be a well known lawfirm in Washington DC, and we’ll also retain a Washington accounting firm that reports PAC donations to the Federal Elections Commission. In addition, we will contract with NGP VAN, the fundraising software used by most Democratic PACs, strategists, and candidates.

We will be in fundraising and campaign planning mode until mid-2024. After that, we will use almost all of the funds we’ve raised to mount a major advertising campaign in digital and broadcast media in key toss-up races and swing States.

While our proposed 2024 ads are not our final ads, they reflect our messaging, and will be reshaped and reimagined by our digital ad agency with input from our strategist. By summer 2024, we expect to have raised enough to produce several new broadcast ads, test them with focus groups, and reserve media time in battleground states and races. See our 2024 Ads.

Our initial funding will come from a limited number of major Democratic donors. When our strategist and fundraiser agree that donations to our PAC should be opened to the general public, we will start accepting donations online. We will advertise, build our mailing list, and continue to approach major Democratic donors as well.

Our paid election advertising will target undecided and moderate voters, swing voters, young voters, and disillusioned non-voters. Our digital strategist and fundraiser will provide guidance.

By Fall 2024, Congress Majority PAC hopes to become a significant force in the election. We’ll concentrate our ads in contested races and swing states, and we know our messaging will help Democratic candidates win race after race.

Together we can increase the number of Democrats in Congress. It’s time to end the gridlock, keep our economy robust, fix the border, heal our planet, and keep our democracy safe.

We invite you to join us as a co-founder of Congress Majority PAC.