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A rising Democratic PAC: Maybe you’re not a Republican after all.

Congress Majority PAC’s mission is to keep Democrats in control of the House and Senate and re-elect Joe Biden as President.   CM PAC is a SuperPAC with a highly innovative approach. Most PACs support individual candidates by name and attack their opponents in local or statewide races. But our powerful spots mention no candidate…

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New TV spot: During the Coronavirus, Democratic voters and leaders put community ahead of self-interest.

The aim of Congress Majority’s proposed new ad campaign is to win over Republican voters, and get them to question their identification with Republican policy.

Congress Majority PAC breaks new ground — It’s a SuperPAC whose TV spots mention no candidate by name, and urge viewers to vote Democrat in the mid-term election

In a Hail Mary pass that may help turn the Senate blue, Congress Majority PAC hopes to run its generic ads in TX, TN and ND, if they can close last-minute support from three major Democratic SuperPACs they are in discussions with. The SuperPAC’s ads aim to persuade swing voters that Democrats – as a…

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A new kind of SuperPAC

Los Angeles – October 11, 2018 – Congress Majority PAC, a SuperPAC launching today, is ignoring the conventional wisdom that all races are local. In a departure from conventional candidate-centered ads, their TV spots get behind all Democrats, mention no candidate by name, and aim to persuade swing voters that Democrats — as a group…

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